Upcoming Concert

Rockathon 2011 on 21 May at Kribhco Auditorium, Sector 10, Noida

Concerts are a part of the NSR culture. We encourage and promote every student to be start performers on stage. Playing the instument is not enough.

We organise concerts every year for junior and senior students separately. The students get the exposure to play on stage and also communicate with other musicians. They learn how to syncronise and play as a band. This also gives them the opportunity to build team rappot.

Concerts help students to overcome stage-fright. They enable them to become better team players and learning this can help them to understand the importance of a team.

We send special invitation to parents and friends to attend these concerts. The parents have the first hand experience of seeing their star son or daughter play on stage. The parents have a ball everytime there is a concert.

Watch Concert Videos here

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